Exposition Maurice KASPAR à Londres

Maurice André KASPAR  1892 – 1946
Un des membres fondateurs de la Palette Carougeoise est mis à l’honneur à Londres  – 12 au 17 juillet 2022
200 aquarelles originales seront exposées à l’initiative de son petit fils René Dee 
sous le haut patronage de Madame Leila El-Wakil  professeur associée de l'Université de Genève.

Maurice KASPAR, la maison du comte de Veyrier, aquarelle vers 1930
Musée de Carouge CH 2004-20
source: dictionnaire carougeois Tome IVB
Arts à Carouge: peintres, sculpteurs et graveurs
BANKSIDEGALLERY  Thames Riverside 48 -  Hopton Street London SE1 9JH 

Pour plus d'informations : BanksideGallery  à Londres [clic]
catalogue de l'exposition

Quai du Seujet  ( actuellement Quai Turrettini) St Gervais  Genève 1923 

 Napples Italie 1922 

Les Barques de Savoie Meillerie France - Lac Léman 

Le Canal de Carouge / Les Promenades  26 octobre 1920 

La Madeleine  1915 environ 
Photos: René Dee ©

The communication Group 123 Victoria street London  SW1E 6RA
Please accept this as your invitation to attend the Official Opening of what will be
the first exhibition of over 200 watercolour paintings, sketches and other artistic
material produced by my Swiss grandfather during his lifetime.
This is under the Patronage of Leila el-Wakil who is an Associate Professor 
at the University of Geneva. 

She has been trained both as an architect (Ecole d’ Architecture de l’Universite de Geneve,1979)
and as a historian of art (PhD in Humanities, University of Geneva,1986) 
and who is also actively involved in heritage conservation. 

I have no doubt that Maurice Kaspar would most certainly have been pleased at her patronage 
for his exhibition.
The exhibition is supported by a number of organisations in Geneva and Carouge in Switzerland, 
and also by the New Helvetic Society and the Cultural Affairs Department 
of the Swiss Embassy in London who have agreed to provide Swiss Wine and Cheese 
for us during the evening.
It has taken over 50 years to realise this exhibition and to reveal 
to a British public a talented Swiss Watercolour Artist that has had very little recognition 
outside of the town of Carouge where he lived and raised his family. 
The Bankside Gallery, home to the Royal Watercolour Society, is a fitting venue
to do so and I thank their Curator for recognising this very early on, 
that led me to choose this venue for this exhibition.

I am delighted that Maurice Kaspar's Great-Grandson, 
Alexandre Kaspar and his family will be attending from Geneva, 
and that he has agreed to formally open the exhibition.

If you are able to join us for the opening at the time, 
date and place shown above, 
please confirm your attendance by replying to me and this email by the 14th June. 
I very much look forward to seeing and welcoming you on the night.
Kind regards,
René Dee